What is padel and what are the rules?

Padel is a mix between tennis and squash and mainly follows the rules of tennis:

- You play 2 to 2
- The ball may bounce once in one half
- The serve is underhand and must bounce diagonally into the opponent's service court
- You are entitled to a second serve if your first one goes out
- The ball may not touch the fencing, but it may touch the glass
(using the glass can create spectacular points!)
- A ball directly against the glass, without first bouncing on the ground, is out of bounds
- The scoring is just like in tennis; 15 – 30 – 40 deuce advantage/disadvantage game

Do you have a question about the rules? Ask someone from the Padel NEXT team on the court!

Can I rent/buy rackets and balls at Padel NEXT?

Yes you can!

Rackets can be rented for €5 per racket.
Ballen kan je kopen voor €7,50 per blik.

You can also buy a racket from us. We sell these at the counter next to the courts. Ask someone from the Padel NEXT team for more information about our rackets.

Are there changing rooms?

There are changing rooms for men and women. If you want to freshen up after a game, you can also do so in our showers!

Where can I park?

In de garage onder de padel banen bevinden zich 228 parkeerplekken, plek zat dus! De ingang bevindt zich aan de voorkant voor de entree van Sportcity. Je kan onder de slagbomen naar binnen rijden. Je auto staat altijd droog, mét videobewaking.

Parking at Tetterode €2.50 per hour.

How can I book a court at Padel NEXT?

Download the Padel NEXT app and create an account. You can now book courts and events in your personal environment. 

If you want to book as a guest, you can also do so directly via the website under ''book your court''. 

Can I change or cancel my reservation?

Annuleren kan 48 uur van tevoren via de Padel NEXT app.

Cancellations and/or changes for events with 2 or more courts can be canceled at least 14 days in advance, where we charge 30% of the court rental. We will charge the full amount for the court rental within 14 days.

Korter dan 48 uur van tevoren? Biedt je baan of ticket dan aan via een van onze whatsapp groepen! (zie QR codes op de homepage)

* Padel NEXT has the right to charge the entire amount.

Can I cancel a ticket for a NEXT event?

Tickets for NEXT events are non-refundable. You can offer your tickets via one of our WhatsApp groups.

What is a wallet?

You can find your own wallet via your personal environment in the Padel NEXT app. If you cancel an event or booking, the refunded amount will be stated here. You can then book new events or courts via this wallet. 

What are "World Padel Tour" courts?

World Padel Tour (WPT) courts are the best padel courts of the moment. World Padel Tour courts have back and side walls that consist of thicker safety glass. It also has inlaid fencing to prevent injuries. Professional padel players from the international top play on these courts.

All our courts, including the panaramica courts, have WPT LED lighting that is specially designed to provide ideal padel conditions. World Padel Tour courts are exclusively available at Padel NEXT.

I would like to come and play more often, is that possible?

You are always welcome with us! We are open from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM. Check when and at what time a spot is available on Padelbooker and reserve your time slot immediately! If you would like to come and play intensively, please send an email to info@padelnext.nl.

Can I take padel lessons at Padel NEXT?

Jazeker!  Wij bieden lessen aan voor beginners en gevorderen! Bekijk ze here!

If you have more questions, do not hesitate to shoot us a mail: info@padelnext.nl or ask our team on at Padel NEXT!

What do lessons cost at Padel NEXT?

We offer a range of different lessens. Check out our lessons and prizes here onze lessen en prijzen! 

Can I take lessons on set days?

Yes! Shoot us a mail at info@padelnext.nl to secure your spot!

Can I rent a court on set days?

Yes! Shoot us a mail at info@padelnext.nl to discuss the possibilities!