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Padel is a mix between tennis and squash and mainly follows the rules of tennis

  • You play 2 against 2
  • The ball may bounce once on one half
  • The service is underhand and must bounce diagonally into the opponent’s service compartment
  • You are entitled to a second service if your first one goes out
  • The ball may not touch the fencing but the glass does
    (using the glass can provide for spectacular points!)
  • A ball directly against the glass, without first bouncing on the ground, is out
  • The scoring is just like in tennis; 15 – 30 – 40 deuce advantage/disadvantage game

Do you have a question about the rules? Ask someone from the Padel NEXT team on the track!

That is certainly possible!

Rackets can be rented for €5,- each.
Balls can be bought for €6,95  per can.

Yes! We sell rackets at the counter next to the courts.
Ask someone from the Padel NEXT team for more information about our rackets

There are changing rooms for men and women.
If you want to freshen up after a game, you can also do that in our showers!

In the garage underneath Padel NEXT there are 228 parking spaces, so there is plenty of room!

The entrance is located at the front for the entrance of Fit For Free. You can drive until you are in the indoor parking. Your car will stay dry and with video surveillance.

Parking fee: €2,40 per hour

Padel NEXT works with a reservation app from the KNLTB; Padelboeker.

Cancellation is possible 48 hours in advance via the meet & play reservation platform.

Cancellations and/or changes for events with 2 or more courts can be made no later than 14 days before the event takes place.

World Padel Tour (WPT) courts are the best padel  courts of the moment.

World Padel Tour courts have back- and side walls that consist of thicker safety glass. They also have an inlaid fence to prevent injuries. Professional padel players in the international top, play on these courts!

You are always welcome with us! We are open from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm.

Check when and what time a place is available on Padelboeker and reserve your time slot immediately! If you want to play intensively, please send an email to

YES, in the future at Padel NEXT you can also follow lessons. Lessons are offered for beginners, advanced and professionals! Alone or with a few friends. Sign up quickly!

If you have any questions, please send an email to our Padel NEXT team: or you can always ask someone of our Padel NEXT team in the padel hall!

We offer different lesson packages. View our classes and prices here!

Yes, of course! Send an email to to be the first to be there!

– Playing Padel is at your own risk. – You can report to the reception before playing. – The instructions of the personnel must always be followed. – You are responsible for wearing appropriate shoes with sufficient grip. – Smoking is not allowed in Padel Next. – No alcohol before or during Padellen. No alcohol is served to visitors under the age of 18 after playing padel – It is not allowed to consume your own drinks. – Do not bring glass or earthenware into the room. Please consume drinks at the catering facility. – Padel Next is not liable for items left in the changing rooms and hall, or items that are left for safekeeping at Padel Next during padel. – It is not allowed to leave the hall with Padel Next equipment. – Padel at Padel Next implicitly implies that you have read and accept the general terms and conditions of delivery. These are available for inspection at the bar. – The padel rules must be observed.

We are almost ready to welcome you! 
To be sure to be the first to receive a link to book a court on the largest indoor Padel court in Amsterdam please leave your name and email below. 

Unfortunately! Our classes are currently full.
From July we will start again with a new series of lessons.

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